Three Outstanding Aeropress Recipes You Have to Taste

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Published On: June 18, 2024

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The AeroPress is a modern coffee-making device known for its versatility and simplicity. Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, this innovative brewer has gained a loyal following among coffee enthusiasts. The AeroPress combines the principles of immersion and pressure to extract rich and flavorful coffee.

Key features of the AeroPress include:

  • Portability: Compact and durable, making it perfect for travel.
  • Quick Brew Time: Certain recipes can produce coffee in about 1-2 minutes.
  • Customizable Recipes: Allows a wide range of brewing techniques.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Simple to disassemble and clean.

Overall, the AeroPress is an excellent option for those seeking a flexible and efficient way to brew coffee.

James Hoffmann's Signature AeroPress Recipe

James Hoffmann's AeroPress method delivers a rich, balanced cup. Here’s how he does it:

  1. Grind and Coffee: Use 11g of coffee, ground to a medium-fine consistency.
  2. Water Temperature: Heat water to 94°C (201°F).
  3. Setup: Assemble AeroPress using the inverted method.
  4. Bloom: Add 55g of water and stir gently for 30 seconds.
  5. Fill: Add the remaining water up to 200g.
  6. Steep: Let brew steep for 2 minutes.
  7. Plunge: Attach the cap and carefully flip. Plunge steadily for 30 seconds.
  8. Dilute: Optionally, dilute finished brew with water according to taste.

2023 Aeropress Championship-Winning AeroPress Recipe by Tay Wipvasutt

To create a world championship-winning AeroPress brew, follow these precise instructions. The accolades show that this method has the capability of brewing a cup that is near perfection. Here’s how it can be replicated:


  • 18 grams of coffee (16g in step 1 and 2g in step 3)
  • Water at 89°C (192°F)
  • Perfect Coffee Water @ 81.5% strength


  • AeroPress (Inverted Position)
  • Paper filter, rinsed
  • Stirring paddle or chopstick
  • Coffee scale
  • Timer
  • Grinder (Wipvasutt used the 1ZPresso ZP6 at 65 clicks)



  1. Heat water to 89°C (192°F).
  2. Rinse the paper filter and preheat the AeroPress.


Step 1: Add 16 grams of coffee to the AeroPress.
Step 2: Pour 100 grams of hot water over the coffee and start the timer.
Step 3: At 0:30, stir using one side of a chopstick for 5 seconds.
Step 4: At 0:45, add the remaining 2 grams of coffee.
Step 5: Stir again for 5 seconds at 0:55.


  1. Press down the AeroPress plunger slightly to remove any excess air, then close the cap.
  2. Carefully flip the AeroPress.
  3. At 1:35, press down for about 30 seconds. Your yield should be around 75 grams.

Final Steps

  1. Cool Bypass: Add room temperature water to bring the total to 115 grams.
  2. Hot Bypass: Add hot water to bring the total to 155 grams.
  3. Taste and serve your championship-level brew immediately.

An Espresso AeroPress Recipe for Espresso Coffee Lovers

For those craving an espresso-like experience with their AeroPress, you can use one of our favorite tools: the Fellow Prismo, a pressure-actuated valve attachment that helps the Aeropress create an espresso-like shot – compact and perfect for your Aeropress kit.

  1. Ingredients and Equipment:
    • 20 grams of finely ground coffee (espresso grind)
    • Hot water heated to 200°F (93°C)
    • AeroPress
    • Fellow Prismo with metal filter
    • Timer
    • Grinder and scale
    • Spoon or Aeropress stir stick
  2. Preparation Steps:
    • Place Aeropress into inverted orientation
    • Add the 20g of coffee grounds
    • Pour 70 ml of water, start timer simultaneously, and stir vigorously for 10 seconds.
    • Push outer piece of Aeropress down until there is no headroom in brew chamber
    • Place Fellow Prismo with metal filter installed on Aeropress
    • Allow brew to steep until timer reads 1:00 (1 minute)
    • Flip Aeropress onto cup or vessel and press extremely hard to achieve crema similar to a shot of espresso
  3. Enjoyment:
    • For an espresso-like shot, consume directly
    • Optional: Add water or milk to create your favorite cafe-style beverage

Key Ingredients and Equipment for AeroPress Perfection


  1. Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans
    • Single-origin or blend varieties. Consider our staple blend Freethrow or to get started with your tasting sessions
  2. Filtered Water
    • Optimum temperature: 190-205°F (88-96°C)
  3. Coffee Filters
    • Paper or metal options, or use the Fellow Prismo with included metal filter for espresso-like brews


  1. AeroPress
  2. Burr Grinder
    • Adjustable grind settings for consistency. We love the Opus and Ode from Fellow
  3. Digital Scale
  4. Kettle
  5. Stirring Paddle or Spoon
    • Ensure even extraction and precise agitation

Note: Proper weight measurements and water temperature are crucial for achieving the perfect cup.

Experimenting with AeroPress for Your Perfect Brew

Experimenting with AeroPress opens up a world of possibilities for coffee lovers. By trying different recipes, one can tailor the coffee to personal preferences. Using recommendations by experts like James Hoffmann and championship winners, or even our favorite Aeropress espresso recipe, can serve as a solid foundation to find how to create your favorite cup. 

Looking to get started with the Aeropress or need a few extra tools to make your experience more pro-like? Grap the Aeropress Clear or Aeropress XL and get started!

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