Our favorite compliment from guests in our cafe: "Man, I know this place is just a coffee shop, but there 's something so special about how it feels - it 's such a party! " This is why we offer our mobile coffee cart based in the ATL. We 've been catering weddings, film sets and corporate events with our coffee carts since 2016.

Catering packages start at $1,000.

Coffee cart catering at a wedding

When we bring the Valor Mobile Cart, we bring a piece of Valor Culture to your event. What does this look like?

  • Passionate, non-pretentious baristas (AKA Pit Crew Members) making excellent drinks at record speed
  • Thoughtfully curated, simple aesthetic
  • Dance moves, laughter, perfect high fives every time
  • Our coffee is ethically sourced, specialty coffee roasted in North Atlanta
Coffee cart catering at a wedding

The cart allows us to make your favorite cafe drinks, including traditional espresso beverages like espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and drip coffee, kegged drinks like our cold brew, nitro cold brew and famous nitro oat lavender vanilla latte, and you KNOW we 'll bring along our house-made syrups, such as lavender vanilla and caramel cardamom. Get in touch below to book your event, learn about rates, or ask about ways to personalize our packages. We 'll go anywhere!



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