Mon-Fri: 7:00am–5:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am–5:00pm

Our second cafe, located in the Dunwoody Village retail center, builds on the lessons we learned from cafe one, while carrying over the charm and energy that was created in Alpharetta. This cafe features a triple-island central bar, a ton of seating, gorgeous maple accents, fun tile and plants, a MASSIVE patio, and a staff that is thrilled to see folks walk through the door. We felt right at home in Dunwoody, right away <3

Tables in Valor

Why Dunwoody?

Dunwoody features a lot of the things we loved about Alpharetta when we first opened cafe #1 – great walkability, an up-and-coming food and bev scene, and a general lack of specialty coffee in the area. We decided this would be the perfect place to continue towards out our vision – to offer up the top 1% of coffee, matched with the top 1% of service.

Wide angle shot of Valor's space

What's It Like?

This cafe offers up some breathing room, with a spacious seating area featuring beautiful maple booths, a huge community table, bar seating perfect for hanging with our Pit Crew, a standing bar, and a huge patio. Our setup is designed around efficiency, featuring a Modbar under-counter espresso machine, Curtis Seraphim automatic-pourovers, multiple concierge stations, and more.

Guests enjoying their drinks

What Else Should I Do?

Get a burger in the area! During the Dunwoody cafe 's buildout, you could find us at Village Burger for lunch literally every dang day. Fan fave NFA Burger is also just around the corner, featuring a killer menu. If you 'e looking for other great food, hit up Superica for great Tex-Mex or Jinya (Sandy Springs) for amazing ramen.

Shot of the bar at Valor