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Workers' Comp

Origin: Honduras Finca Terrerito

Variety: Multiple

Process: Parainema, Lempira

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Sweet Red Licorice, Hazelnut



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Workers’ Comp came to be when we wanted a year-round coffee tailored to those that desired a chocolatey, simple, all-purpose cup that didn’t contain the fruity nuance that can be found in our staple blend, Freethrow. Driven by a tasty, washed Honduras, we love pulling this coffee on espresso and brewing it up on drip, especially since it holds up to milk extremely well, and we find it incredibly easy to dial in for consistent results every time. Just like a solid insurance policy, Workers’ Comp has always got your back. *NOTE: We offer price breaks on subscription items, so we require all subscribers to first receive TWO orders before canceling the subscription. Thanks for understanding!*