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Turbo Diesel – Dark Roast

Origin: Brazil Minas Gerais

Variety: Peaberry

Process: Pulp Natural

Notes: Cacao, Caramelized Sugar, Bold



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The Valor dark roast. Not everyone wants a fruity, floral, in-your-face cup. Turbo Diesel is unashamed of what it is: a coffee that holds the smokey, bold flavors you find when you push a roast further. We intentionally chose this Brazil Peaberry for its intense and distinguished notes of chocolate and peanut butter, qualities that hold up extremely well, even when roasted longer than our other offerings. Turbo Diesel is excellent as a traditional cup of drip or a bold espresso that’ll hold up extremely well to milk. *NOTE: For those who select Subscribe & Save, we offer price breaks on subscription items, so we require all subscribers to first receive TWO orders before canceling the subscription. Thanks for understanding!*