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Book Club – Decaf

Origin: Colombia Huila

Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra

Process: Ethyl Acetate Decaf

Notes: Brownie, Dark Cherry, Molasses



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Let’s face it...decaf coffees often taste bad, with notes somewhere between Lay's BBQ Chips and American Spirits. NOT THIS ONE THOUGH! Our decaf, Book Club, is next level. This Colombian is processed with ethyl acetate, a solvent formed from fermented sugar. EA processed coffees better retain their flavor integrity than any other decaf processing method we’ve tried. This coffee is an absolute stunner, often selected as the favorite coffee in staff tastings. It's one of the more nuanced and special decafs we've tasted! *NOTE: For those who select Subscribe & Save, we offer price breaks on subscription items, so we require all subscribers to first receive TWO orders before canceling the subscription. Thanks for understanding!*