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Freethrow Subscription

Origin: 75% Brazil Minas Gerais, 25% Ethiopia Uraga

Variety: Peaberry, Heirloom

Process: Brazil – Pulp Natural; Ethiopia – Natural

Notes: Milk Chocolate,Raspberry, Brown Sugar



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Subscribe to the coffee that Valor couldn't live without. This would be our “desert island” coffee. Our staple bean is always consistent (like a free-throw should be), but hits like a slam dunk. Currently a blend of a chocolaty Brazil and a bright Ethiopia Natural, this coffee always fills the same role on our menu slot: a chocolaty coffee with some subtle fruitiness that tastes great AND interesting no matter how you brew it, no matter your coffee knowledge. Find this coffee on espresso at our cafe year round. *NOTE: We offer price breaks on subscription items, so we require all subscribers to first receive TWO orders before canceling the subscription. Thanks for understanding!*