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Ethiopia Subscription

Region: Gedio, Gedeb

Variety: Kumie, Siga, Wilsho

Process: Washed

Notes: Tangerine, Orange Blossom, Wild Berries



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We keep an Ethiopian coffee on our menu year round. Subscribe and we will send you whichever one we have around – sometimes we even have multiple and will switch it up week to week! Florals and tea notes denote our pink box and this one is no different, continuing the streak of our pink boxes being some of our most interesting and nuanced coffees. Birbira, Corsica Africana, and Ensete Ventricosum trees shade this high-altitude washed Ethiopia from the Worka Sakaro Washing Station in Gedeb. Coffee cherries are picked and thoroughly sorted, followed by depulping and a 36-48 hour natural fermentation. Next the coffees are washed and sun-dried for 18 days or until moisture content of 11% is reached. *NOTE: We offer price breaks on subscription items, so we require all subscribers to first receive TWO orders before canceling the subscription. Thanks for understanding!*