the valor cart allows us to bring great service to any place, any time.

At one point, the Valor Cart was only a dream.

But through a ton of concept development, labor, and a successful Kickstarter campaign funded by incredible backers, our dream became a reality. The Valor Cart and all that it holds allows us to take our business virtually anywhere, making our dream – seeing people made happy – a reality .

Though we think the cart looks pretty dang good, the true point of Valor, along with the cart, is to make people happy – we want to provide great coffee, get out of the way, and allow guests to enjoy the event with people they love being around. 

The cart allows us to plug in and make all the drinks you could get at your favorite cafe – whether that's a sweet latte, a shot of espresso, or simply a cup of filter brewed coffee – without compromising on quality. 

You can check out our cart at Thrive Coworking in Downtown Alpharetta from 7am - 4pm, Mondays - Saturdays.