People are the core of our business


What we stand for

Valor Coffee is a group of individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact on others. This resonates to the very core of the way we do business.

To the customer, our mission manifests itself in giving people what they want. We are transparent about the product we serve and confident that it is amongst the best in the business; however, we never compromise on service and satisfaction just because we serve a "specialty" product. Want cream in your coffee? Go for it. Want us to pull your espresso long because you like it bitter? We've got you covered. If you want something specific, we will do everything within our means to give it to you, even if that means changing the way we are used to doing things.  

To the employee, this shows as being a part of the Valor family. We want to provide a space where our employees' passions are met with career opportunities. As our company grows and new roles are created, we want to see baristas transition to managers, designers, sales-people, and more. At Valor, we put our employees first because this will lead to them treating our customers well.

Valor loves people, and it's our goal to build relationships with our customers, employees, and community. Check out what we are all about by visiting our cafe in Downtown Alpharetta.